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Crystalline Clearings:  Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a recording of the questions and answers below, if you prefer to listen, it's 16 minutes. 

The most common questions people have asked. Please write to me if you have any more questions and I will add them to this page.  If you have questions, probably someone else has the same questions, so you would be a contribution to others by passing your questions along.

What is it?

            Crystalline Clearings is an energetic clearings with energy from the quantum crystalline fields of your pure potential.  It?s purpose is to clear you of your mental debris, that is thoughts that are in conflict or have had no resolution, problems that still exist, habits that have formed and have become unconscious so you do them without any way to stop yourself (it seems), and you keep drawing this same lesson to yourself to learn again and again.  It?s exhausting.


How does it work?

            It works from the principle that when two or more are gathered the intention magnifies and becomes cleared easier.  You may feel a peaceful energy during your day or not at all.  The purpose of these Clearings is to give you freedom from doing the same work on yourself over and over.  It?s time for us to do our higher work, one that has us fulfilled and empowered to contribute to others from a full cup.  You will not necessarily know when the Clearings are happening for the day, I get called ?in? at different times, and each day the Clearings are different, so there is no particular format I?m following, I?m listening to the energy fields instructing me for you.


What do I have to do?

            Just notice how you are feeling.  Track your results on your intentions as well as things that have changed in your life that you didn?t ask for.  Notice what is coming to you that has taken no effort and send me emails or call me and let me know, so that can empower others to understand how it works.


Can I learn this?

            It is possible that later this year there will be a retreat where you can participate to learn how to do this for yourself and others.  The information has just become available to me how to teach people how to do this technique for themselves and others.  A Retreat will be held in September, 2010 to teach this information.  If you are interested in this retreat use the contact form or go to this link, and let us know. 

How many intentions can I have?

            As many as you like, there is no limit.

Do my intentions have to be written any certain way?

            You can write them any way that empowers you.  If you like I can assist with that, but only if you are empowered by it.

Can you see/feel my energy?

            Yes, and I can sense your energy fields.  They sometimes will inform me of things to tell you or maybe an exercise to give you, or direction.  It?s very sweet and helpful.

Will you give me feedback on my Clearings?

            Yes, I sometimes email or call you with information I get for you, especially if it?s urgent.  It?s usually most important for that day, but can sometimes be helpful for later too, in case you don?t get your emails everyday.

Will I get any further information on my intentions?

            Yes.  Usually you will get clear on whether your intention is something to move forward on, let go of, or add more information to.  And, if I get anything for you, I will certainly pass it along that day.

Can I clear my family?

            Actually, you can clear for your relationship to them.  That usually changes family dynamics in a big way.  At this time I?m told to have your family sign themselves up to clear for themselves.

What if my life is a mess, I?m panicked, stressed and can?t even think of an intention?

       This is why I?m offering complimentary coaching along with the clearings.  Many times we are so stressed we can?t even think of what we want any more.  It is these times we need someone to vent to and work out life?s issues for clarity.  I will ask you non-invasive questions so we can get to your true intentions.  I have been coaching people for over 30 years, because the Crystalline Clearings are so important at this time, I?m offering my coaching complimentary, a $100 value.

What if my life is on a good place?

       Perfect and congratulations!  The Clearings will open the space to your next level.  Ready?

What if I live or are traveling out if the country?

       Because the Clearings are from the cosmos, the energy focus will meet you wherever you are. We are made of electrons and other energetic matter, the same matter as the Universe, so when the connection is made through me, you are reached as if we are sitting across from each other.

What if I'm using another energy clearing technique, or someone else is already clearing me.  Will it interfere?  Or, will the energies respond positively with each other?

        Very good question.  I listened to the response from the Crystalline field and I was shown that the fields of any energy medicine or clearing probably will be most compatible and positive.  And, the key here is to follow your own instincts.  All energies are working for your good and it's up to you to be discerning about what you allow around you.  Only go with what 'feels' right to you.

How do I know the Crystalline Clearings are working for me? 

        Yes, we all want to know when we pay for a service that the results will come.  Each time you share what is coming to you (with me or someone else), you empower the experience and more comes.

There are several ways you can check:

 - watch for miracles, unexpected things that happen that you didn't have to work for

 - pay attention to your thoughts - you will begin to see your old thoughts immediately turn into new thoughts, thoughts of choice, thoughts that feel more authentic to your present moment

 - another way is to watch how easily your life begins to flow, more sychronicities

 - Many people report instant changes 

Thank you all for your questions. To ask another question, please use the contact us link on the upper left of this page. 

I?m learning all the time, this energy is very informative for me too and I?m keeping track of my own changes every month.  It?s amazing how much my own life has moved forward and corrections have been made in the moment rather than after a mistake has happened.  It?s all quite a mysterious wonder.  Thank you for playing in the Field of Pure Potential with me! 

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