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New Mass Consciousness

Shazna Jai

The Sacred Awakening

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 EXCITING NEWS!  We are over the tipping point - the morphogenetic fields are filled with over 3,200,000 permanently Awakened People existing on the planet now!  

 Thousands are Awakening EVERYDAY!  Consciousness is growing!  More and More People are living in Peace and Happiness.  It's Your Turn!

The Oneness Awakening Retreat is designed to prepare you for your awakening by guiding you into a much deeper connection & bond with your own Divine, drawing on the awesome Grace & deep experience of Oneness. We are doing all we can to prepare you to fulfill on your passionate desire to awaken now.

Spend an entire weekend immersed in the delicious and sublime energies of the Oneness Blessing and be initiated as a Oneness Blessing Giver ~ In one Weekend!  Important Note:  Being a blessing giver, not only allows you to give the Oneness Blessing/Deeksha to your friends and family, it also allows you the auspiscious timing to be awakened and help fill the morphogenetic fields with Oneness.  Being a deeksha giver also allows you to be involved in the (advanced processes) weekly webcasts (Darshan) that are coming directly from Sri Bhagavan live from India that are taking us into deeper states of awakening every week, and participate in the courses at Oneness University.

Next Oneness Awakening Retreat in July, 2014 in Medford
In this phenomenal weekend you will:   
Learn the formula for success and happiness in your
inner and outer life, and . . .

Experience samskara shuddhi, an ancient technique to:
    ~ deepen your experience of Divine Grace by releasing deep-seated emotional charges
    ~ heal relationships with your parents, your children, your partner(s)
    ~ remove negative patterns caused by childhood experiences

This non-residential retreat weekend consists of:

~ Advanced processes to push your current state of being into a higher state

~ Deep profound old wounds being released through a graceful process

~ Recognition of the role of devotion

~ Keep you grounded in your body to feel peace and relax 

~ Maintaining internal strength and divine grace

~ Establishing an intimate, personal relationship with the Divine

~ Go through the sacred processs of Initiation to give Deeksha Oneness Blessing 

~ Mukthi Deeksha Advanced Process

~ 64 Deeksha Advanced Process

Awareness  What is experienced in awareness is an undivided attention that is only possible when inner conflict has given way to comfort and ease within oneself.  Such concentration pierces through the numerous assumptions ruling your life, thus bringing a completely new outlook on life and increased opportunities for functioning.  

Here is an experience from the last course:“I asked for alot (awakening) and I got way more than I could have ever imagined”.  This person 'woke up'!

More Experiences: “This class came into my life at the perfect time. Not only do I feel blessed to have the opportunity to become a deeksha giver and to be able to help bring this wonderful blessing to others, but it also offered me the chance to pinpoint several issues in my own life, allowing me to focus on what needs greater focus and healing. What a wonderful experience.”

Suffering  According to Sri Amma-Bhagavan, suffering is an ever-present reality in every area of human life.  Unless it is appropriately dealt with, suffering proves to be the most significant challenge to higher growth and learning in any field.  Oneness offers important insights to develop a holistic perception of suffering as well as specific tools to become free of suffering in life.

This Retreat weekend will Certify and Initiate you as a
Oneness Blessing/Deeksha Giver to catapult your Awakening

Please write or call Shazna at 541-210-2892 to express your interest, or to schedule a class in your area. 

Sliding Scale available if requested.