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The Sacred Awakening

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Sacred Oneness Awakening Weekend - July 29-30, 2017
Facilitated by Shazna Jai, Advanced Certified Oneness Trainer
in Vista, CA

Sat, July 29th - 9am-6pm
Sun, Jult 30th - 9am-6pm, includes Initiation

Register Here - Accepting Donations on a sliding scale $50-$250

The primary purpose of Oneness is to liberate the mind to be available for your awakening. The natural state in which human beings can live. Using beautiful oneness teachings, meditations, and processes, we will prepare ourselves for our collective awakening using ancient spiritual technology that is proven.

- You will relate to the Divine of your choice.
- We will build our own sacred space from which we will receive the Mukthi (enlightenment) Deeksha for awakening.
- Bring sacred objects to add to the altar.

Deeksha/Oneness Blessing makes a neuro-biological shift in the brain. Becoming a Oneness Blessing giver helps to spread Peace and Oneness and participate in the Global Awakening at this time in our history.

 Spend two days immersed in the presence of the Divine
 Discover living a life of the senses without the minds interference
 Participate in profound healings of all your relationships
 Become deeply connected to your personal friend, your Divine

Your Mind will disappear in the Silence of Divine

Shazna Jai has been Advanced Certified in two separate 30 day processes, in India as a Oneness Trainer, She has been living and teaching Oneness Consciousness and Self-Healing for over 20 years. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Author, Creator of Crystalline Clearings, Speaker and Melchizedek Priestess.

Her mission is to have victory for the earth and humanity through the education of oneness, peace, sacred living and consciousness.

To Register for this event go to this link
Or Contact Shazna for questions at 541-210-2892

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