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50 Feet in 4 Seconds:  Excerpts From The Book

This is my dream of the angels the night before I fell:

   When I awoke to the bright sun coming through my window that Saturday morning, I was reviewing a dream that nagged to be part of my consciousness.  I was in an office building up about five stories high.  I saw the translucent figures of angels against a clear blue sky of daylight.  I turned and asked my co-workers in the office to come and look at what I was seeing.  No one came.  I thought to myself, ?This must be just for me.?

There were seven angels standing (floating) in the blue sky, shoulder to shoulder, beaming the most brilliant shimmering light, their faces beautifully content and welcoming.  There were five or six others apparently lying in a horizontal position at the feet of the seven standing.  As I marveled at each angel looking at me with such intense love, my heart felt they were speaking to me.  I did not know what they were saying.  I just felt something curiously special and wonderful touching me.

The dolphin experience and surrendering:

   I felt my body´s agreement to Karon´s command as she sweetly directed me, ?surrender to the experience.?  Immediately in my inner eye I was submersed within the warm ocean, breathing underwater and floating on my back, when a school of dolphins approached me.  The dolphins swam close to my body, touching my back, touching and swimming through my legs and arms.  Each time the dolphins touched a part of my body I sensed an adjustment, a healing.  I could see inside my body!  The many frayed muscles, tendons, and ligaments became smooth and strong.  I witnessed my body changing from the inside!
    Everywhere the dolphins touched me, I heard and experienced bones snapping gently into place, muscles musically riding the sound waves of health, and replacing themselves with new strength and vitality. The deeper I surrendered, the more light I saw (with closed eyes), and the more sounds I heard.  These sounds, lights, and feelings were unknown to me at the time, but I paid attention deeply because something was happening to me that was so powerful it commanded all my attention.  The light came through my eyelids from the angels in my dream the night before.  I felt safe, protected, no pain or fear, guided by some energy, apparently the God force working within me.  I thank God my usually active mind was able to surrender.

The Melchizedek Experience:

In the Spring of 1996 I was invited to attend a gathering of about 18 people interested in being ordained in the order of Melchizedek.  Without time to think it through (in those days I would ponder a decision for days), I agreed to be there with much enthusiasm, as if I knew I was going to participate in something very special.  The ordination took place on a beautiful Sunday on Bell Rock with a bit of a chill in the morning, warming towards noon, which was the actual time the ordinations began.  Dan Chesbro, as far as I know and am told, is the only person alive today that is gifted with the benediction into the Melchizedek priesthood and can ordain others.  

    In early 1986, Dan was guided to ?call the priests.?  He was clear he was not allowed to ask anyone to become a priest, somehow people found him, nor was he allowed to turn anyone away.  The decision to become a priest through the Sanctuary of the Beloved, his organization, and to participate in the ordination ceremony was to be a personal choice, one made with God.  Dan sometimes jokes about the fact that this is the only religious order in the world with well over 3,000 priests and no congregation.  Many priests choose to continue in their current careers and demonstrate the Light of unconditional love to their best ability in all matters.
  The blossoming of the Order of Melchizedek seems to be a result of cellular memory of the Christ within being activated.  There are several Biblical references to share in this writing.  

God´s voice:

 . . . I remember resting on my couch in the afternoon after having many ceremonies celebrating the beginning of the New Year the day before.  Suddenly and spontaneously I heard an unfamiliar otherworldly voice swell within my body that was loud and strong.  This voice said, ?You are a precious child of God? to my Being. Immediately I began to cry realizing that in my life I had never had one thought like that for myself.  I began forgiving myself for the thoughts I did have, the familiar harshness of the mind that I lived with daily. I kept forgiving every single thought I had for about a week, until I was complete.

Then again after the fall:

...    All the while I was hearing words of comfort from a voice inside me that was so strong, I honored it with my full attention.  This powerful yet soft voice was undeniably reassuring to me.  In the past, I would have had many concerns about my safety and survival in such a traumatic situation. My own mind would have destructively traumatized me.  However, this voice was so strong and profound I let go into the blissful and reassured feelings, watching my body continue to heal, while trusting the rescue team. ...

About conscious language:

Almost synchronistic, two days before my hike I was in a day long class to learn conscious language.  I learned that the Hopi Indians native tongue had no past or future tenses, they spoke only from the moment, without time constricting them.  This class of mastery of language taught me to upgrade my words, be creative and as such raise my personal frequency.  I also learned that many of our habitual phrases to express ourselves actually bring us harm and stop us from having our dreams, because our language states that good things we experience are ?unbelievable.? There were many other nuances of our language I learned, so much so, that the next day I choose to keep silent, to review my mental vocabulary, which kept me stuck and feeling small. I realized I had a box for my words, in this box were the only words I ever used, all the time.  I expressed myself the same way, in many different situations.  I began to open this box and the dictionary became my best friend. This is why I requested a silent hike with my friends, to learn more about what goes on inside my own head while doing regular, everyday activities.

On Essential Oils:

... and one I remember was from a teacher/friend, Vonn, who taught the conscious language class I was in just two days before and was teaching me how to use essential oils for healing.  As soon as she heard about my fall she called Gary Young the owner and visionary of Young Living Essential Oils to find out what oils were best to heal my body.  He responded: helichrysm and lavender (for tissue regeneration and relaxation)- so my friends quickly brought them into my room to be used daily.

A Miracle in the Hospital:

... miracles happened on Monday.  Starting off at about 7:30 am when Dr. Bonatus came in and asked how I was feeling.  He had a speculative look on his face that I read to mean, he was expecting me to complain about being in pain.  He was surprised to hear my response, which was, ?Great! How are you this fine morning??  The look on his face was precious, and nothing that could compare with what was to come next.  I was the one surprised this time!
    Quickly letting go of his astonishment about me not needing any more drugs, he told me he had seen something on the MRI that was taken prior to my surgery on Saturday night.  He told me I had to have surgery on my right leg too!     However, he wanted to verify this again, by taking another x-ray to see what it looked like today.  About an hour after taking the second x-ray the doctor came in with yet another totally bewildered look on his face. I interpreted this to mean something like . . . what he was about to report to me had yet another dimension outside of his experience and expertise.  He told me that he looked at the x-ray and it was OK! Miraculously, I would not need another surgery.  He also said that I apparently had only 9 bones left to heal!  Even I was astounded to hear that report.

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