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Crystalline Clearings - How it Started

THE STORY:  At the end of August 09 I had just been awakened again, which was quite an extraordinary experience.  Living in Bliss for 4 weeks!  So I am am guided to do, Crystalline Clearings, it is a love evolution and it is from the power of the crystalline energies from the cosmos to humanity at this time.  It is also based on 15 years of experience that I have working intimately with over 6000 clients to that date.  

When I fell 12 years ago this gift of a connection with the cosmos opened up, but it was very private I felt.  I didn't know how to understand what was happening to me during the middle of the night.  I would get awakened out of a deep sleep by my cosmic team, who are running the show and helping humanity to heal and to live the lives of possibility that we truly are. They are using my energy as some kind of anchor and transformer for humanity.  I didn't really know what to make of all that was happening, but they would ask me to pay attention to certain things.  I paid attention.  I didn't really know what that meant either, so I just became still and paid attention to the energy.  Then in my waking life during the day - all of a sudden people started coming up to me, walking straight up to me and saying, "Thank you."  And I'd look at them puzzled and they would say, "I had a very specific prayer and you came and answered my prayer."  I thought, "Wow."  That happened over and over again.  I started seeing evidence through the last 15 years while I was working with people on self-healing and healing the body?mind connection to spirit that in this other part of my 24 hours, I was doing this other really powerful work connected to cosmic consciousness, effortlessly. 

In August 09, I got awakened to grounding this new Crystalline Clearing energy into humanity so people could transform faster.  I had to keep clearing myself to understand and believe all this.  This was a big change in my life to step up and serve in this way.  So that is what I am offering you now.  I clear myself first, then I clear myself with your intentions - as you!  This clears the debris from your magnetic fields of your mind and heart.  These fields keep you connected to the illusion of the mind rather than to your Pure Potential

It has been a shift.  Another cellular, physical shift, that I went through for 4 weeks, in a state of bliss and joy. Yes, so when your shift  happens for you, you have to get out of the way and say, "Okay, let me have this" and ?Bring it on?.  I started sharing the excitement of the Crystalline Clearings with people as soon as I got it.  I was kind of bumbling around and not sure what I was saying, but the power itself was telling people because I felt so exhilarated about it  - they were feeling it from me.  The response was startling,  people began signing up left and right for the Crystalline Clearings.  So this is my focus and my blessed humbled dharma right now and it is built on the years that I have worked with people very intimately so I am very, very excited about what's ahead for all of us.  So now is the time. 

The way it works is the Crystalline Clearing energies clear people every day through my focus on your intentions - every single day, energetically.  I ask you to send me your intentions. What I am doing is an energetic session that is directed toward you and your intentions clearing from your mental and heart fields that becomes the magnetic field you live in.  Then your openness allows for inspiration to come from your Source to have more clear direction and inspiration without the clogged up old thoughts and patterns that are static in your fields. Becoming your passionate purpose

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